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The Business of Family Business is Expanding

When looking at the field of family business it is important to keep in mind that it is a relatively new field. It is only approximately 30 years old, which when compared to the study of management or ownership, makes it a new field of study with lots of research and practical experience to be...
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Family Businesses have a Competitive Advantage!

“The authors argue that the same attributes that have long been vilified as weaknesses of family businesses – stable strategies, clan cultures, lifetime tenures – have actually created formidable competitive advantages for many of these firms…..these family owned businesses not only dominate their markets for twenty years to hundred plus years but did so by...
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Letting Go – Grooming Successors

It goes without saying that the long-term success of any business is contingent on having competent management. Family business owners also recognize this key element of long-term survival. Many of them pay particular attention to ensuring that the next generation family managers, leaders and owners have the skill sets required to run the family business....
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