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Money talks

Determining salaries, benefits and dividends

When you co-own a business, who determines each partners's salary? What is this based on? Is it fair? How and when does compensation change? Are owners entitled to company cars? (If so, can I get the new Porsche?) What if I need more dividends? Are...

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Succession Planning

Common pitfalls to avoid

Business owners have a lot on their plate: they are constantly pulled in a million directions and are often busy putting out the proverbial fires that come with the territory. Unfortunately, this is one of the reasons most ignore or put aside succession planning. After all,...

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Mixing marriage, family, and business

"Do I need a pre-nup?"

Getting engaged, planning a wedding, and exchanging vows are all momentous occasions in an individual's life. Often, those planning a wedding focus on the ring(s), the venue, and the flowers; however, if you're a business owner or a potential owner (i.e. successor), careful consideration must...

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Better Late Than Never – The Difficult Conversations

During this difficult time, many of us have been spending significantly more quality time with our direct family members. For many business owners this is a rare opportunity as owning and managing a business often requires too many hours a week to count. During this pandemic, many business owners have been...

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