Mixing marriage, family, and business

Mixing marriage, family, and business

"Do I need a pre-nup?"

Getting engaged, planning a wedding, and exchanging vows are all momentous occasions in an individual's life. Often, those planning a wedding focus on the ring(s), the venue, and the flowers; however, if you're a business owner or a potential owner (i.e. successor), careful consideration must also be given to developing a plan that will reduce financial risk to the business in the case of divorce.

While we all like to think, "That won't be me," statistics on divorce tell a different story. Indeed, these numbers indicate that taking appropriate precautions before walking down the aisle is simply good sense, as this preparation can save a family-run business from a world of grief.

This article was posted on the Jewellery Business magazine May 2021 edition where you can read the full article.

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