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You Are Not Alone!

“I’m sure you’ve never seen this before” or “Is this normal? No one else can be going through this as well – can they?” These are sentiments I hear far too often from my family business clients. Family businesses often think they are different and that no one else can be going through the same challenges...
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Letting Go

Why Can’t You Just Retire Already??

Some of us count down the days to retirement, some of us have our retirement perfectly planned out, but others especially family business owners tend to dread the idea of retirement. This can sometimes be difficult for family members and especially the next generation successors to understand, but there are...
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The Business of Family Business is Expanding

When looking at the field of family business it is important to keep in mind that it is a relatively new field. It is only approximately 30 years old, which when compared to the study of management or ownership, makes it a new field of study with lots of research and practical experience to be...
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